- We will separate all jewelry by its content 9-24k, higher content holds higher value.
- We will test your jewelry to verify gold content.
- We will then give a price.
- If you decide to sell us your items, we will pay you instant cash.
- Proper ID needed to sell us any items.

The cashing your electronics/gadgets Process:

-We will do a market evaluation of realized cash demand on your particular items
-Test electronics if functional.
-Any electronics without chargers will be paid out for parts, we don't have anyway of knowing if items actually work without chargers.
-Then we will give you a price.
-If you decide to sell us items, we will pay you instant cash.


We like to meet our customers face to face to establish an on going business relationship, but if in the case you are limited to coming to our store because of distance, transportation, etc, mail your items. We advise you to mail your items with a tracking number and signature required. It's a good idea to insure it if you think the value is over $500.

For Gold jewelry items, look out for stamps like 10k,14k,18k,22k or 417,583,750,916 or these are 98.5% to be what they are stamped. For silver jewelry, its either marked 925 or sterling. Make a list of items you will be sending us. You will be mailing your gold to us to a physical address, where one of the owners will sign for it. Never mail your gold to PO BOX ADDRESS, tends to be unprofessional. Before you mail your items, give us a call to briefly review what you are sending. Once we receive your items, we will test all jewelry then give a call immediately and give you a price. If you accept, we will mail you money the same day/ or deposit onto you bank account.(if before 2pm) In today's economy, scrap gold/electronics is a cash cow that you can be used to pay off credit card debt, car note, rent, go spend it locally to stimulate the economy!